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Paula Gonzalez Director

Paola González was born and raised in a small city in the northern frontier of México.

At the age of 17 she won an excellence scholarship at the University of Navarra, one of the most prestigious Communication Schools in Europe, and moved to Spain where she then studied a four year degree in Film & TV. After this Paola won the Silver Award at the UNAV Screenwriting Contest and was accepted into the Navarra’s Screenwriting MA where she graduated with Honors.

After her studies, Paola went back to México and worked in both screenwriting and directing. Her work as a writer/director focuses on woman empowerment and diversity, she thrives in telling stories in original ways and bringing defining ideas to life through a strong understanding of narrative, light and movement. As an example of this is the FOMAC Mexican Award she was granted for her script:

Overseas. In 2018 Paola was accepted into The National Film and Television School and therefore moved to the UK. Since her graduation in 2019 she has been working in the Assistant director department and as a Commercial Director.

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